Based out of New York City, Ilan Bell is an indie singer-songwriter who has already gained widespread attention for his debut album, American Love. Joining forces with Grammy-winning producer Paul Falcone (Jay-Z, Beyonce, Tom Odell), Ilan Bell delivers a series of understated ballads alongside more anthemic tracks that callback to the 60s and 70s while still pushing the sonic envelope. With lyrics that read almost as standalone poems, American Love asks its listeners: What makes love in America different from love in other places? What are the unspoken rules between people? And how have the changing times changed relationships? 

As a lyricist, Ilan Bell has earned comparisons to poetic giants such as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. As a musician, he is often placed among the company of indie darlings, Tom Odell and Phoebe Bridgers. He has also been called upon to write and produce for several artists whose work appears regularly on film and TV. Frequent collaborators include: Matt Hartke, Juliette Reilly, Late Night Thoughts, and many more.

Most recently, Ilan Bell played a leading role in helping launch the largest songwriting camp in New York City history. Hosted by hit-producer Danny Ross, Anti Social Camp included celebrity guests and artists Walk the Moon, Rob Thomas, and JP Saxe. The camp yielded over 150 songs and was featured in Billboard Magazine. As an artist himself and a champion of other artists, Ilan Bell has been actively involved in reinvigorating the New York City music scene.